Get Out (Movie Review)

by Taminah Jackson


The movie that everyone has been talking about, Get Out released in theaters on February 24, 2017. Even now at the end of March, this film is making a big name for itself. Still haven’t seen the smash hit? Read on…

Directed and written by Jordan Peele from the hit show, Key and Peele, Get Out is an original piece that I cannot even think of all of the words to describe it. I do not recall ever seeing a movie in my lifetime addressing the serious issue of enslaving African Americans like this one does, while also remaining extremely funny and horrifying. This movie may seem like your ordinary horror film at first, but from beginning to end, the story unfolds that it also greatly deals with race. Right in the beginning of the movie, a black male walks down a suburb street, and he feels like someone is following him. Quickly, a stranger captures him. Later, we see that this same black male had been reported missing, and is now living in a suburb neighborhood amongst white people and his whole persona had changed.

A black man named Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and his Caucasian girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams) hit a deer while driving in their jeep and a white police officer on the scene of the accident asks Chris, who was not the one driving the vehicle, for his license, basically racially profiling Chris.

So now, the overall movie centers on Chris and Rose. Rose wants Chris to meet her parents, Dean (Bradlet Whitfod) and Missy (Catherine Keener). Little does Chris know that his life is going to change when he visits Rose’s parents home, where there will be an attempt to make into a slave. The movie hints that Rose’s father is a slave master, that Rose’s mom is the wife of the slave master, who is also a hypnotist, Rose’s brother is the one who captures the slaves and beats them, and the two black creepy hose servants, Walter and Georgina, have been hypnotized to follow orders of the master. The question now is, is Chris going to be made into a slave, also abiding by Rose’s family’s rules and orders, or will he manage to get out? Unfortunately, I cannot tell you the answer to that, because I do not want to spoil it for you, but you will be in for a surprise. Just remember that in this movie, not everybody is who he or she say they are.

While having addressed slavery, this movie has funny parts also, one where Chris’s friend, Rod (Lil Rel Howery) is the big hero in the end to save the day. It is unexpected and funny because Rod gives off the impression of the clumsy, funny person to run from scary situations, but a hero is he becomes. This movie also has scary parts when the characters run toward Chris (you will get what I am talking about when you see the film).

Overall, this film is well written and put together. I think everyone will benefit from seeing this film. I can’t wait till this movie wins some huge awards.

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