The Lego Batman Movie Review

By Taminah Jackson

*Contains Spoilers*

On February 10th, The Lego Batman Movie released in theaters. Directed by Chris McKay, this movie is a spinoff of The Lego Movie which was released in theaters February of 2014. The recent The Lego Batman Movie, however, focuses more into the life of the dark and mysterious Bruce Wayne/Batman (voice of Will Arnett). If you are a Batman lover like me, you should check out this movie.

In Gotham City, where Bruce Wayne/Batman lives, his people are in under attack by all of the evil Marvel villains (Harley Quinn, Cat Woman, etc.) and the leader of this evil squad, the Joker (voice of Zach Galifianakis). We can’t have a Batman movie without the Joker being the bad guy in it, right? Batman wants to save the city, but with a new police commissioner, Barbara Gordon (voice of Rosario Dawson) in charge of what happens when crimes arise in the city, the rules are now that Batman cannot be fighting crime all by himself. He needs the police to team up with to completely get rid of all the crime. However, Batman believes he can fight all by himself.

Bruce Wayne/Batman has no close friends, nor family. He just has himself and Alfred (voice of Ralph Fiennes) to talk to inside of his gigantic bat cave. Batman has a problem letting people into his life for fear that they will leave him. He realizes later in the movie that he needs help fighting Joker and Joker’s gang, and that he has people he can now call his family, including his new adopted son, Dick Grayson/Robin (voice of Michael Cera). Truthfully, I am actually glad that the writers of the movie noticed that Batman had always looked so lonely in prior movies and decided to shed some light on the story behind his loneliness.

From the cool costumes, to the colorful animations, to the great music, to the Bruce Wayne/Batman laugh, and to the funny jokes, I totally understand why this movie did so well on Rotten tomatoes, receiving a score of 91%. There were plenty of ha-ha moments. One funny moment in particular was when Batman was sitting in his at-home theater eating popcorn, watching a Tom Cruise movie that had on the screen, the actual Tom Cruise. It was hilarious because the movie is animated and Batman is animated, and the fact that Batman was watching a movie that was not animated, looked so strange.

I would not mind seeing another Marvel hero Lego movie. I hope that the possible movie would be at least as good as this one.


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