Questions and Eyes on Samux Heading Into EU LCS Week 4

Following Kim “Veritas” Kyoung-min’s departure from the team, Unicorns of Love(UOL) sparingly wedged Spanish AD Carry Samuel “Samux” Fernandez Fort into a seemingly detrimental position. Expectations began to teeter and UOL fans began to lose hope on an EU LCS Spring Split Championship. However, things have been pink and pretty for UOL as they mantle themselves at the top of Group B; where Samux has exceeded expectations and silenced critics. As the team heads into cross play for week 4, the question is whether he can keep this consistent play up or completely collapse.

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Samux(left) and mid laner Exileh(right) after a victory against Origen via lolesports stream.

Samux as an AD Carry excels in the laning phase, averaging an 8.8 CS lead per game, highest among all EU AD Carries. While the argument can be made that in a top carry metagame, AD Carries primarily do not snowball, original ideas centered around praying Samux does not get too far behind the talented pool of AD’s in Group B.

Following the laning phase, he still remains prominent throughout the game and provides necessary damage needed to execute Baron Team Fights and attentiveness to positional errors in crucial game changing moments.

What also makes Samux appealing is how much damage he is able to provide while on a low gold share, ranking 9th and 4th in gold share and damage dealt amongst all ADC’s. However, a low gold share on a 4-0 team does not always mean that he is running low on gold and it all could be due to his other two carries garnering incomparable gold numbers.


Drop off or Third Carry

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Duo lane partner Hylissang(right) and Samux(left) via lolesports stream.

It is a point of concern to consider Samux is relatively untested in a position where he must step into the spotlight. We have already seen how he can perform at an LCS level but we must see if he is consistent. Should UOL lose a string of games, it will be interesting to see if he is able to maintain such lane dominance and damage on very low gold income. Him and bot lane partner Zdravets “Hylissang” Galabov have seemingly made light work of the bot lanes in Group B, but still needs testing against Group A botlanes.

In addition, Samux boasts a minuscule sample size in his 10 games, electing to choose utility AD Carries such as Jhin, Ashe and pocket pick Caitlyn. In recent meta, AD Carry Is often viewed as a utility role that is there to provide damage and utility while the two solo lanes take on a carry role that often is accompanied by jungle pressure.

Should the meta revert back to hyper carries in the bot lane such as Kog’Maw, Tristana and Vayne, Samux’s play will be exposed or acclaimed. Only time can tell, but in the present, he is a positive member to the UOL squad.

Samux has been gifted time to hash up mechanical and internal problems while making sure UOL do not remain in a standstill in their growth and quest for their first EU LCS Championship. Backed by the current locality of the AD Carry position, this is one of the best opportunities for him to build his name, and he is exponentially growing. Time to get situated into the LCS and become a reliable third carry should Fabian “Exileh” Schubert or Kiss “Vizicsacsi” Tamas fail should be Samux’s goal with UOL.

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