Summer 2016 Bucket List Ideas

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Can you imagine a life without finals right now? I know, me either. Summer is right around the corner though, so get through those exams and life will feel amazing! The only sucky thing about Summer is that sometimes we literally let all our free time go to waste. Who ever looks back at a Summer and is like, “damn, I wish I did more stuff”? I do that pretty much every year. If you’re feeling motivated this Summer but don’t know what to do, I got you on some ideas. Here’s to making an awesome #Summer2016 bucket list.


Go On A Road Trip

This might be hard if you’re low on cash, but I mean, just driving to the next state could kinda be considered a road trip, right? I won’t tell if you won’t. Get a few of your best friends together and just drive. Stop at trashy gas stations for snacks on the way so you feel legit, and just go have fun. Make sure to take a bunch of selfies on the way.

Go To A Music Festival

Again, even if you’re a little low on cash, this one is worth splurging on. Whether it be Firefly in Delaware, or road tripping down to Bonnaroo in Tennessee, you’ll have the time of your life. There’s seriously nothing better than good friends and good music. If you’re a little late or lost on the whole music festival scene, check out our fellow RUckmakers writer, Katie’s article guide:

Go On A Date

I know nowadays it’s not considered “cool” to go on dates anymore, or to even be dating sometimes, but it could be really fun!  It would be a really nice change of pace to actually go out and do something with someone, instead of just Netflix and Chilling. If you don’t have anyone to ask, just go with a friend. Why not, right?

Pull An All Nighter On The Beach

This one might be tricky, especially if you don’t have a beach house or anything of the sorts, but you definitely know someone who does. If you for whatever lucky reason get the chance, go for it. Spend the whole night with your friends, and a few blankets in case it gets cold, talking and daring each other to stick your feet in the cold water. It’ll be a totally cute bonding experience.

Take A Day Off

This one is kind of lame, but seriously taking a day off from work for no legitimate reason feels great. It’ll be like unexpected free time, and who knows what you’ll end up doing all day so last minute. Even if you just relax, it’s better than going into work on a nice, warm day!

Throw A Party

Whether it be a party of ten or a party of sixty, throwing a party can be so, so exciting. Clean up your house or your backyard, get your friends together, and make sure you have an awesome playlist ready. It’ll be awesome knowing you’re at your own house and you can do whatever you want, basically.  Plus, it’ll be something so fun to look forward to.

Run A Marathon

This is probably the most ambitious one, but who knows? I have faith you can do it! Look up your local 5k’s this summer and try it out. You might have to literally drag any friend to go with you, but it’s worth a shot. Plus, you might actually really enjoy it. You don’t need to be the first through the finish line, but it’ll be a nice way to get fresh air and work out your body.

I hope you all take these into consideration and make your own Summer 2016 bucket list, if you ever survive finals! Good luck to those graduating, catch me next year at RUckmakers again 🙂


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