Trump and Clinton’s Super Tuesday

This past July I believed that Donald Trump entering the presidential race was not only a joke, but also a good thing for political awareness in this country. As the months went by I realized I was correct… for all the wrong reasons. People were becoming more politically aware, but were only following the Donald Trump campaign which actually allowed him to become the front-runner for the Republican Party. The normally uninformed electorate bought into the fear-mongering Trump and paved the way for his run to the Republican nomination. Yes Republicans, the man who said Mexicans are rapists, wanted to ban Muslims from entering the United States, and actually quoted the Fascist Benito Mussolini on Twitter is likely to be your candidate for President of the United States. I hope you’re proud of yourselves.

To the dismay of many, Super Tuesday all but assured Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be the respective candidates for each party. If you have not seen the final polls from Tuesday night you can find them here. On the Democratic side Clinton beat Bernie Sanders in 7 out of 11 states. The Achilles heel of Sanders’s campaign was that he could not earn the minority vote while Clinton almost swept the African American vote in each state. This should come as no surprise as the Clinton name has almost been synonymous with the African American vote since Bill Clinton ran in 1993. The exit polls in Texas truly identify just how well Hillary did with minority voters, including the Hispanic vote. If this trend continues (there is no indication that it won’t) Clinton will win key states such as Michigan and Florida with ease walking her way into the nomination. Unfortunately for Sanders, minorities just couldn’t feel the Bern.

On the Republican side, Trump raked in 7 out of 11 states, Ted Cruz added three states, and Marco Rubio’s lone win was in Minnesota. Could Tuesday have been more successful for Trump? Definitely. Am I disappointed with the seven states that Trump won in? Absolutely. Republicans have cast out establishment candidates, such as Jeb Bush and John Kasich, in favor of radical Republicans, such as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. The results probably spell the end for Rubio who was hopeful that he would at least be able to pull out a win in Virginia. The night went well for Cruz who unsurprisingly won his home state of Texas and his neighboring state of Oklahoma. He also pulled out a surprise win in Alaska barely edging out Trump. As it stands Cruz is 90 delegates behind Trump at 226 to 316.

If Trump proved one thing Tuesday it was his resilience among voters. Less than a week ago, Rubio decided to flip the script on Trump and attack him at rallies. During a campaign event in Georgia, Rubio said that Trump has “the worst spray tan in America,” and that he’s “flying around on Hair Force One and tweeting”. I have to admit, that second quote was hilarious. Makes me want to buy a shirt with Trump’s hair captioned “Hair Force One”. Beyond that, Trump overcame a fracturing Republican Party with a division bent on halting his momentum. Every step of the way Trump has been met with obstacles from the GOP, but his supporters have stuck by his side for over six months.


The most disappointing moment on Super Tuesday came at Donald Trump’s victory press conference at 11pm that night. It was when Chris Chritie walked up to the podium draped in large letters reading, “TRUMP text “trump” to 88022” with a sullen look on his face. The once favored Republican candidate with the slogan “Telling it like it is” was now introducing Donald Trump, quite the turn around from what he envisioned just a year prior. Christie, adopting the mindset “if you can’t beat them, join them”, uttered the words, “Tonight, Donald Trump is the clear winner on Super Tuesday”. You can watch the full Trump speech here and enjoy the excruciating pain in the face of Governor Christie. Last week Donald Trump’s campaign gained a significant amount of legitimacy as Christie endorsed the Republican frontrunner. Word swept through the blue state of New Jersey that the governor threw his hat in Trump’s ring. Within the following day, six New Jersey newspapers called for Christie’s resignation. Christie’s decision was met with equal disappointment within the citizens of New Jersey and the GOP establishment. Christie formed his campaign for governor of New Jersey around fighting for the rights of the minorities, especially Muslims and Hispanics. That trust is now lost, and if Trump loses I wonder how much credibility Christie has lost as well.

Super Tuesday gave us all that we expected. Victories for Trump and Clinton widened the gap of their party leads. Expect Marco Rubio to drop out of the race sometime after the Florida primary and John Kasich to drop out soon after the Ohio primary. Hillary Clinton finished with a strong statement toward Donald Trump during her victory speech, “[Our] work is not to make America great again. America never stopped being great. We have to make America whole.” It would take something catastrophic to happen in the campaigns of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for them not to win their respective nominations after this Super Tuesday.

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